Jak zmienić karty SIM i microSD w telefonie Xiaomi?

How to change SIM and microSD cards in Xiaomi phone?

In life, it sometimes happens that the simplest things can cause the most trouble. Our blog was created to make life easier and save you a ton of unnecessary stress. You have a phone Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO? Super! It was ordered from Mi-Home.pl? Even better! Now all you have to do is insert a SIM card and expand the memory (if the phone has a microSD slot). Simple, right? Not necessarily, so let's see step by step how to safely perform this operation.

How to install SIM cards and microSD cards in phones Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO?

1.Before the card replacement procedure, make sure the smartphone is properly turned off.

2. Prepare the SIM tray key that came with the phone. If in the fervor of unboxing your new smartphone the key got misplaced somewhere, nothing lost! With the right dose of caution, you can also use a properly bent paperclip, a hairpin, the blunt side of a needle or any other thin object with an unsharpened tip for this purpose.

3. Locate the card tray on one side of the device and insert the key or the aforementioned thin object into its opening until it slides out slightly. Remove the tool and pull the tray slightly with your fingers. If you have difficulty finding the SIM tray, you can check its location in the manual that came with the phone.

4. Depending on the phone model, Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, you will be shown one, two or even three card slots. This depends on whether your smartphone supports Dual SIM technology and the option to expand internal memory with a microSD card.

5. Gently fit the SIM or microSD card into the recess in the tray. Don't worry, its shape is designed so that only one correct positioning is possible. Note one "beveled" side of the SIM card, homing in on the correct positioning in the slot. Then slide the tray back into the phone, taking care not to let the cards on it move.

6. If you have an older SIM card made with 3G or 2G technology, you will need to go to your network operator's showroom for a replacement (usually free of charge). We do not recommend cutting the older SIM card to the new format, as their different versions differ not only in width and height, but also in thickness, which may result in its improper positioning or even getting stuck in the slot.

That's it, from now on you can enjoy the full capabilities of your phone, surfing the web and expanding your collection of favorite apps on your new microSD card! Check in regularly at our blog for more tips, launches and tidbits from the Xiaomi world!

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