About Xiaomi


The letters "MI" seen in the brand's logo stand for "Mobile Internet." They can also be read as "Mission Impossible." because in the early stages of its operations, Xiaomi faced many difficulties that were seemingly impossible to overcome.

Advanced technology available to everyone

The Xiaomi company was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun. He believes that high-quality technology does not have to cost a fortune. W this spirit too, the company creates and offers extraordinary devices, software and online services for and with the help of Mi fans. Their feedback has been taken into account in the production of, among others, Mi Note Pro, Mi Note, Mi TV, Mi Band, but also Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3 smartphones (also officially available in Poland).

With sales of more than 70 million smartphones in 2015 and making its products available in countries such as. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil, Xiaomi is expanding its business worldwide, while becoming a global brand.


First and foremost for the fans - this is the company's motto. It is the dedicated fans of the Mi brand that set the direction of the brand and it is from among them comes a significant part of the current employees. The company strives for perfection with great determination, constantly improving and streamlining its products to provide users with the best possible experience. Xiaomi is not is also not afraid to test new ideas and test the limits of its own capabilities. This is primarily due to commitment and confidence in the power of innovation, as well as the support of the brand's fans, Xiaomi is able to to offer unique products.