Poznaj Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite

Meet Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite

Dry cough and constant thirst have been bothering you lately? This problem makes life miserable not only for you! Today we will present a solution with which you will remedy these ailments. Find out how to prevent shortness of breath and take care of the air quality in your home.

It takes so little

Dry skin, scratchy throat and shriveled leaf tips of potted plants hint that the air in your home is too dry? Constantly lubricating your hands with cream, buying throat moisturizers and constantly watering your flowers don't help? Save yourself the effort and money! See how your life will change, thanks to the investment in Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite. Discover its advantages now!

350 ml per hour!

Not a bad result, right? Using the standard setting of Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite, a gentle, refreshing mist will envelop the space of your home in just a few moments. Can you already feel the gentle breeze on your skin? Keep your family comfortable and healthy by taking care of the air you breathe.

Complete safety

The water tank with a capacity of up to 4 liters is made of high-quality material rich in silver ions with antibacterial properties. This ensures that the water is safely stored in the container, and the emitted steam is safe for you and your loved ones. Additional protection is the way the Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite is made. The water bowl is made of one piece of material, so no germ will have nowhere to hide, and the bowl will be even easier to clean.

For lovers of tropical plants

Did you know that in order for the banana palm to develop properly, the humidity of the air in which it thrives must reach as high as 80%! Take gardening to the next level with the Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite. Place the humidifier near your plants and watch them gain new life, sprouting more shoots.

Silent operation


Want to improve the air quality in your bedroom, but you're afraid you won't fall asleep with the device on? No need to worry! Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite operates quietly enough that it won't disturb even the most delicate sleep. The volume level will not exceed 38dB(A), so you will allow yourself to fully relax!

One-button control


From excessive moisture, the Xiaomi Humidifier 2 Lite protects you by itself! When it senses that the air is already saturated with water vapor, it will turn itself off. In addition, you will control the humidity level with a convenient button. As you can see, using the Xiaomi humidifier is extremely easy and pleasant.

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