Nowa seria telewizorów Xiaomi - Xiaomi TV A2

Xiaomi's new TV series - Xiaomi TV A2

Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics brand that has gained popularity worldwide for its high-quality and affordable products, has launched its new Xiaomi TV A2 series. This collection of smart solutions offers a host of enhanced features for an even better visual and audio experience. Experience the possibilities at your fingertips!

Xiaomi TV A2 series - team lineup

The entire premiere series of smart products Xiaomi TV A2 consists of high-quality TVs in 3 sizes available at Starting from the smallest one - Xiaomi TV A2 32", climbing up through Xiaomi TV A2 43", to the most impressive one - Xiaomi TV A2 55" ending. Despite the common features, the different models differ in the availability of certain features, which we will tell you about in a moment.

One of the most important features describing the Xiaomi TV A2 series is the high quality of the displays available in the designs of these TVs. The Xiaomi TV A2 55" and Xiaomi TV A2 43" use premium 4K Ultra HD technology with MEMC. It helps imaging sports shows and improves the readability of content when the screen changes very quickly. MEMC is a kind of intelligent image editing, so you get enhanced smoothness of the displayed scenes.

All Xiaomi TV A2 representatives use the Android TV operating system, which offers a host of features such as access to apps from Google Play, internet browsing and more. The system is extremely instinctive and responsive, allowing users to easily browse and use thousands of apps and access extensive movie libraries and more....

The Xiaomi TV A2 series also incorporates such innovative features as intelligent voice control and remote control, for example. This allows you to use Google Assistant without any problems. Indulge yourself in complete relaxation by buying an elegant TV that will fit perfectly into the decor of any interior. Choose which Xiaomi TV A2 best suits your needs and order it today!

See it on a bigger screen

The stunning design of the Xiaomi TV A2 will tempt you with its face to watch all your content just using it. Find out how easy it is by using the Chromecast feature. With just a click of your smartphone, you can stream content to one of Xiaomi's TVs hooked up to your home Wi-Fi network. Displaying your favorite movies on a larger format will not only increase their visibility, but also give depth to each scene. With the help of Dolby Vision technology, Xiaomi TV A2 televisions have greater brightness, contrast and colors that reflect reality even better.

In summary, the products Xiaomi TV A2 are excellent solutions for people who are looking for a TV with high resolution, phenomenal capabilities and excellent color reproduction. Check out our offer available at the official Xiaomi store at

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