Zwiastun Xiaomi 11T

Xiaomi 11T trailer

The global September livestream was undoubtedly quite an event. It's been a long time since we presented so much news in one afternoon. In order to better remember and put together all the facts, concerning the premiere products, we have prepared several posts for you. These relate to the individual novelties. Here is one of them, fully dedicated to the Xiaomi 11T.

Create the perfect seance!

During the aforementioned livestream, the phrase Cinemagic could be heard several times. It is directly related to the possibilities offered to the user by the Xiaomi 11T. What is this Cinemagic? It is the spectrum of capabilities of the Xiaomi 11T series that will support the creation of cinema-quality videos. These features of the Xiaomi 11T series make it easier for you to create new magical worlds presented. How does the Xiaomi 11T do this? First and foremost, it uses a great quality camera, with a high resolution of 108 MP. Capturing a good frame, however, is only the beginning. The use of numerous filters and special effects goes the extra mile to create something unique. The front camera, as well as the rear camera, will capture portraits in great style. The wide-angle lens will give you the opportunity to show a wider perspective, while the macro lens will show the finest details. This means the Xiaomi 11T will capture literally everything, creating something truly magical with you.


Enjoying the numerous possibilities of the Xiaomi 11T, time can pass very quickly. After all, when something is interesting, it absorbs us completely. If, in the whirlwind of filming, the phone discharges, it will quickly return to action. In the package along with your brand-new smartphone, you will receive a 67W fast wired charger. Before you know it, you'll have charged the huge 5,000 mAh battery to full capacity (after all, 67W is no mean feat). Quickly returning to full power has become a necessity, due to the increasingly high expectations of modern technology. A charger with a truly fast charging function simply could not be missed here!

What else delights?

Screen, screen and more screen! The one on the Xiaomi 11T, is definitely worth a moment's attention. For they are talking about a 6.67'' AMOLED screen, which refreshes at a rate of as much as 120 Hz. This means that it runs unbelievably smoothly, transmitting current images at lightning speed. Such a high refresh rate is a big plus when watching sports events and playing games. The screen is protected by the strongest Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ we have ever used. Never before have our smartphones been so resistant to scratches or nicks.

The pluses of the Xiaomi 11T are a whole lot more, which it is hard to list in one place. The important thing is that this smartphone will help you develop your talents and will not let you down in even the most demanding moments. To make sure you don't miss a launch, remember to visit our website regularly. You never know when something new will appear on the shop. The Xiaomi 11T is coming soon, and with it Cinemagia. You don't want to miss it, do you?

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