Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G New Edition

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G New Edition

During the September livestream, we talked about what we have achieved so far and what we will be able to offer in the near future. We presented quite a lot of news and today we will take an even closer look at one of them. The protagonist of the article is the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G New Edition, a smartphone that is forecast to have a bright future. What is this model capable of? You'll find out in just a moment!

Just look at the colours...

Before we get into the specifications, let's take a peek at what's visible to the naked eye. We are dealing with as many as 4 colour reveals of the new Xiaomi 11T Lite NE. First on the list is a luxurious black model referred to proudly as Truffle Black. It's a slightly matte black that looks beautiful anytime, anywhere. For variety, we have also introduced more daring options. Bubblegum Blue, which is a beautiful blue, and the peachy pink shade Peach Pink. The nail of the show is the completely unique Snowflake White, which is a white model with a little twist. The back of the phone in this shade shimmers, imitating snowflakes. As usual, the series did not disappoint, and not just in terms of visuals....

Power, energy, Xiaomi 11T Lite NE

The phone in question looks great, but it's time to move on to what's really important - the heart of the smartphone itself. The chipset that powers the Xiaomi 11T Lite NE is the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G. It makes the phone fast, reliable and ready for all the challenges thrown at it. The large 4250 mAh battery will keep the phone fully charged for a long time. And after a task-filled day, you'll be able to quickly charge your Xiaomi 11T Lite NE thanks to 33W fast charging.

New film opportunities

The entire Xiaomi 11T series has been packed with a set of features and functions that will make it easier for you to create top-quality videos and photos. New options such as time freeze, magic zoom, freeze frame or the 'parallel world' function will allow you to surprise the viewers of your videos. You can take your creations to a new level together with the almost magical abilities of the Xiaomi 11T Lite NE.

And it only has 158 grams!

The Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G New Edition is, as the name suggests, an extremely slim smartphone. At just 158 grams, it will hold the weight of the responsibilities and challenges it faces throughout the day. It is not only the beautiful design and excellent video capabilities that combine in this small device. The Xiaomi 11T Lite NE is also about proximity payments thanks to the built-in NFC module and the guarantee of instant connectivity thanks to 5G on board.

Are you already looking forward to your Xiaomi 11T Lite NE? Keep your hand in because it will be appearing very soon....

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