Xiaomi TV Q2 65”

Xiaomi TV Q2 65”

Are you decorating your home and it's time to equip it with a home entertainment centre? You'll undeniably need a TV, and as is our custom at Mi-Home.co.uk, we've put together a pretty good deal for you. See why you should invest in the latest from Xiaomi. Meet the smart TV that could potentially become the heart of your living room.

Do you want to watch the latest film releases, beloved series and heartwarming thrillers while eating popcorn? Get comfy on the sofa and make room on the coffee table. The amazing picture thanks to Quantum dot technology, the studio quality of DTS-X sound, and with them the true delight of the leisure spirit. We know what can make this possible for you! Soon after reading today's article, you may find that you need a place to ... for the Xiaomi TV Q2 65". Why settle for half-measures when you can have all the possibilities?

To lighten things up, let's talk a little about what the presented TV can offer you. First of all, its sizeable dimensions come to the fore. Despite its extremely thin design and a huge picture diagonal of up to 65 inches, the Smart TV is stable and looks beautiful in any interior. The design is not flashy, but it lures the eye with its elegance and sophistication, which you only have to look at to see for yourself. Amongst other things, the sturdy construction is ensured by a strong aluminium alloy frame and strong stands, on which the entire weight of the device easily rests.

A unique performance

Imagine the following scenario: after a demanding day, you return home with the desire to go to the cinema. However, you lack the strength to get yourself together and then, suddenly, you remember that all it takes is one command to get you closer to the cinema experience of your dreams. You utter the words: "Ok Google, turn on the TV" and there you are, just about to find yourself in your own movie box. Now all that remains is for you to select your favourite streaming app. You can do this with the remote control or, again, with the Google Assistant. Thousands of apps and millions of titles are at your fingertips.

Can a home environment replace going to the cinema?

This is a question that everyone will answer for themselves, but it is hard to get better than that provided by the Xiaomi TV Q2 65". MEMC technology enhances the smoothness of the picture, which becomes extremely useful when watching sporting events. You can forgo watching the games in crowded and noisy bars in favour of hanging out with friends in your own flat. The QLED screen with 4K Ultra HD+ quality will not disappoint your expectations. If you enjoy watching nature films or documentaries from time to time, you will be pleased to know that the Xiaomi TV Q2 65" reproduces up to 1.07 billion colours. Feel the atmosphere of distant travels and discover the true colours of the farthest corners of the world.

Want more? Xiaomi TV Q2 65" is the answer!

Whatever the focus of your smart TV requirements, the Xiaomi TV Q2 65" hits every spot. Do you like to listen to music or throw a party? The full-range speakers will reproduce the best sound of your favourite songs, while the impressive picture will display a music video, song lyrics or animations in the best quality. Quality is guarded by Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® technology - top-of-the-range equipment.

See even more!

Take a look here for a detailed description of the Xiaomi TV Q2 65". See how much Xiaomi's latest TV can give you and experience, preferably on your own 😉, what premium entertainment looks like. If you'd like to shop around for another size of Xiaomi TV, we'd like to let you know that you can also find models in 50" and 55" sizes on our website.

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