Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition

Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition

Does the Star Wars universe arouse considerable emotions in you? Do you love all the gadgets associated with the brand and can't wait for the next limited edition products? Then don't wait another minute! The headphones from the edge of the galaxy have already entered our virtual shelves. Check out the Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition for yourself.

Surprise at every turn

Imagine the following scenario. You order brand-new Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition wireless headphones with free shipping to any Parcel Post in Poland. You get home and open the carefully packed package. To your eyes appears a unique design with the image of a Stormtrooper. You stare at it for a few minutes, unable to take your eyes off the miniature portrait. You open the charging case and inside - another positive surprise.

Two in one

You'll order the classic Xiaomi Buds 3 in one of two colour options, but the Star Wars edition combines these two options into one even more special. The top layer of the charging box is white like Stormtrooper armour. In contrast, the inside is black, like the dark side of the power that its ranks serve. The earbuds also stand out. The combination of the two colours gives them a unique vibe and provides a neat look. Don't worry about discolouration, as the high-grade materials won't lose their colour, and you won't see dirt on the black gasket that holds the earbud in place.

Painstaking workmanship

As befits such a huge scale project, every detail has been worked out to the highest degree. It is not only the charging case and the headphones that have been crafted in a special way. The galactic footprint has also made its mark on the included USB-C cable and user manual. We strongly recommend that you leave the box of the Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition headphones as a souvenir. You may find a new use for it.

Tranquillity, power, focus

Do you often study in a library or reading room? Do you work from a café or live in a noisy place? You could use some focus. Three modes of active ANC noise cancellation (up to 40dB) and a transparent mode ensure that you can concentrate fully on your activities. Fire up your favourite music and feel the power inside you as you look at the next completed task on your list.

Strength of connection

The pairing process of the Xiaomi Buds 3 is extremely simple and fast. Once it's done, you don't have to worry about interference as the headphones have a range of up to 10 metres. This means you don't need to have your phone or laptop with you when you're dancing to your favourite music in the room. You're free to have fun with your beloved pet and put your smartphone on the shelf without giving up the craziness on the dance floor.

How much time do you have?

A difficult session or a long shift at work looming? Pass the time with your favourite premium playlist. Pack your Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition headphones in your backpack and don't worry about recharging your gear. Put on the headphones and enjoy the works of John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra and many other great artists. With your new headphones you can listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts for up to 7h, combined with the charging case, you will extend this period to 32 hours. Let the music be with you, for a long time! Click the link and get yourself the latest Xiaomi Buds 3 Star Wars Edition headphones today!

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