Frytownica beztłuszczowa Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L non-fat fryer

Do you like to keep up to date with all the new developments on our website? We have some good news. The revamped version of the popular Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L non-fat fryer, which we wrote more about here, is now available for purchase. Meet the product with which you can prepare baked, fried and even fermented foods!

A fat-free fryer with cooking, roasting, fermenting and grilling functions is becoming extremely useful when setting up a modern kitchen. Dreams of a healthy body, without the need for complicated diets and denying oneself the pleasure of eating and cooking, are becoming more and more real. No wonder that fat-free fryers are extremely popular not only abroad, but also in Poland.

What will you do in the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4l?

From classic dishes, roasts, shirred potatoes, grilled wings and soups to cakes, desserts, yoghurt or even fermented drinks. The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is ready for any culinary challenge. One of the strengths of this new air fryer, is its capacity of up to 4 litres. This size allows you to prepare meals for the whole family. Compared to standard appliances of this type, the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L allows you to prepare more food at once, which will help you save time.

A clean case

All parts of the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L, including the basket and oil tray, are made of high-quality materials for durability and convenience. The unit is easy to clean and does not take up much space on the countertop. The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L also has a built-in display that indicates the mode and temperature of the food being cooked, making it easy to monitor the cooking process. The appliance is also equipped with a safety system that prevents overheating. The innovative smart cooking function allows you to programme the time and temperature, allowing you to fine-tune the food preparation process to suit your individual needs. Plan your meals up to 24 hours in advance!

Window to the culinary world

The new Xiaomi Smart Ait Fryer Pro 4L non-fat fryer is equipped with a window made of tempered glass. It allows you to check the cooking process without removing the food container. Thanks to the built-in glass, you will end up with heat loss associated with tilting the drawer. Don't worry about the state of your prepared dishes, having an eye on them at all times. Check the readiness of your food and watch it develop its unique flavour and beautiful colour.

Convenient display

Program the settings of the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L using the OLED Knob screen. You select the appropriate mode with a flick of the knob and press to confirm your choice. Extremely simple, right? Enjoy the 11 predefined modes and recipes available online. And when you don't have the energy to cook after a long day, the built-in Google Assistant can help. Prepare the ingredients needed to make your favourite treats and have the appliance turned on by saying the appropriate command starting with the words: Ok Google.

Fancy some new culinary discoveries? Make them with the help of the new Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L!

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