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Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro review

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro, i.e. Xiaomi wireless headphones, is one of the latest items hosted in the assortment of the shop. Due to the parameters they are characterised by, they can boast considerable interest from the most demanding fans of good sound. Do you need reasons to invest in Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro? Read on for our impressions of using these most technologically advanced Xiaomi headphones.


Fitted, lightweight and comfortable - these are three words to describe the advantages of using the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro. This is all thanks to the highly practical design, which, combined with the low weight (4.9 grams) and the perfectly fitting surface to the ears, make a perfectly complementary whole. They ensure that the Xiaomi headphones stay perfectly in place, even in the most unpredictable situations. Wearing comfort is further enhanced by the presence of ear pads in four sizes, which will prevent them from falling out during the most varied activities. In addition, the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro are available in as many as two colour versions (Carbon Black, Gloss White), which is sure to win the favour of everyone concerned.

Forget the noise

Active noise cancellation of up to 40dB is another feature that Xiaomi's premiere headphones boast. Although these features can sometimes be found in less advanced designs, a piece of equipment in this class absolutely could not be lacking! This guarantees the elimination of almost 100% of background noise. Xiaomi headphones will identify it and select the most appropriate mode based on its type and intensity. No matter where you are, turn on your favourite song on the Xiaomi Buds 3T, set the volume to your satisfaction and enjoy the fullness of undistorted sound. Yes, it's that simple!

Hear whatever you want

The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro class headphones couldn't miss the convenience of a dual transparency mode. This one will do a great job when you want to be in control of what's going on around you. What does it mean? You can listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while having access to the sounds around you. It's ideal for anyone who enjoys getting around the city using the power of their own feet, whether you're a pedestrian or a fan of two-wheeled vehicles such as a scooter or bicycle. The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro will not only provide high-quality entertainment, but will also allow you to be mindful of all outside noises, which can be of considerable importance in terms of traffic safety.


Do you enjoy hours of music sessions? We've thought of that too! The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro, as befits a high-end piece of equipment, will guarantee you an uninterrupted audio experience of up to 6 hours on a single charge and up to 24 hours of operation when combined with the charging case. What's more, the solution presented today boasts multi-device compatibility and support for wireless charging, which is becoming an increasingly desirable feature every month. Fast pairing, IP55 waterproof certification and surround sound technology are just some of the features that should reassure you that the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro are worth every penny you invest in them.

Need more arguments in favour of these state-of-the-art and most polished Xiaomi headphones? Take a look at their product sheet and all doubts will disappear as if at the snap of your fingers.

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