Co potrafi najnowszy Xiaomi 12?

What can the latest Xiaomi 12 do?

The title question could have been topped with the word "a lot", concluding the article, but we're here to bring you up to speed on all the key features of the Xiaomi 12. We'll tell you a bit about the bold design, the sensational camera set-up or the huge swathes of performance, culminating in the latest-generation Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor. Explore the capabilities of the Xiaomi 12 now and find out that the new generation isn't just another number in the name. If you're in the mood for more, we invite you to read on!

Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1

This processor is no slouch. With such a powerful chip at your disposal, you'll marvel at the smoothness of playing applications and discover a whole new level of convenience. The new 4nm technology process is responsible for the huge leap in performance. This has allowed the phone's available power resources to be increased while remaining highly energy efficient. It is thanks to this that you can play the most demanding games, watch movies and browse multiple portals at the same time, without worrying about a sudden drop in power. An advanced VC LiquidCool cooling system with a surface area of up to 2,600mm² is responsible for keeping this powerful beast at the right temperature. The next step towards perfect performance required a responsible step at the same time, allowing the Xiaomi 12 to run long and uncompromised under all conditions. With such effective liquid cooling on your smartphone, you are assured that it will not slow down for a moment, even during the hot days approaching fast.

Design that makes a difference

The very first glance at the Xiaomi 12 reveals that serious decisions have been made in the design of Xiaomi's latest smartphone release. This model focuses on complete comfort, which is why the entire design weighs just 180g. With the case measuring just 69.9mm wide, your hand will fit perfectly, maximising comfort. The fully bezel-less design has allowed for a large 6.28" DotDisplay for the perfect visual experience. The screen is worth stopping for a bit longer. Why? Because more than once it will provide you with a spectacle filled with detail and vivid colours, even in 68 billion shades. This is thanks to AMOLED technology, which combined with HDR10+ and Dobly Vision® support will change the perception of mobile cinema once and for all. This is complemented by an ultra-fast screen refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch readout of up to 480Hz, enhancing the responsiveness and enjoyment of this model.

Xiaomi ProFocus

The Xiaomi 12 cameras are not only a technological demonstration of the capabilities of the latest smartphone series, but also a brand new feature to help you get sharp shots in any situation. Xiaomi ProFocus - this is a magical option that optimises the automatic focus of the frame. It is what will take care of your photos, making sure each one looks like it was taken out of a professional's portfolio. This feature will also come in handy when shooting video, allowing you to lock focus on a specific subject and track it for the best results. With the Xiaomi 12, you are assured that every shot will be as detailed and richly detailed as ever. However, let's get back to the technicalities. The Xiaomi 12 features a triple camera with a 50 MP main sensor. The camera's f/1.88 aperture will allow a lot of light to accumulate, giving you extremely bright photos. Use the 13 MP ultra-wide-angle lens to capture a 123° perspective, and when you stop to admire the beauty of nature up close on a hike, you can use the 5 MP telemacro lens to capture the smallest objects from just 3cm away. Have fun and experiment with the latest Xiaomi 12 and the results will positively surprise you!

The Xiaomi 12 is waiting for you, available in two capacity variants - 8/128GB and 8/256GB. All that's left to do is to choose your favourite colour and you can now enjoy the latest Xiaomi smartphone in person, available at!

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