Recenzja Xiaomi Watch S1 Active

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active review

Who has already started the running season? Or is someone only starting "from tomorrow"? For every more as well as less experienced athlete, we have something special today! Join us for a review of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active, Xiaomi's latest sports gadget!

This design is breathtaking....

Maybe it's the design, or maybe it's the miles travelled in the rush? What is certain is that when a new gadget appears on your wrist, your workout instantly becomes more enjoyable. The fully personalised dial of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will open up new possibilities for you. You will maintain your health and vitality by monitoring the number of calories burned and kilometres covered. By monitoring your performance, you will gain motivation for further exercise and achievements. How do we know? We have tested it on our own! Through testing, we can tell you why the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is the best choice for this season.

Huge range of options

The personalised screen is not the only way to customise your watch. We offer up to three colour versions of the adjustable strap to which the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active dial is attached. You can choose from the classic variants: pristine Moon White, deep Space Black and a flawless shade of Ocean Blue. Hundreds of combinations of icon layouts together with the matching colours of the band, screen background and applied apps will make this accessory unique and truly yours!

Be cared for at all times

When you choose the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active, you are assured that your heart rate and blood saturation measurements will be delivered to you in the blink of an eye with the highest possible accuracy. Keep your hand on the pulse, or rather let the watch do it for you! With the Xiaomi novelty, you will detect any abnormalities right away, thus avoiding the development of dangerous conditions. Take care of yourself by exercising with Xiaomi.... on your wrist!

For every occasion

An additional advantage of our sports watch is its versatile design. Although it's primarily a gadget that's useful during a workout, it will also present itself perfectly at a business meeting. Step into the office in great style and rush to the gym straight after work! Prefer other activities? We have a solution for that! We've equipped our smartwatch with up to 117 fitness modes, so whatever sport you choose, your workout will be perfectly recorded and analysed. Swimming, climbing, pilates, the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will measure the number of calories burned and record the results in the Mi Fitness app on your smartphone.

Pay cashless

We've established that the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active will be great for a workout or a meeting, but you may be surprised to learn that this little gem will also come in handy... in a shop! Remember all those times you had to search for your wallet or phone in your pockets or backpack when the checkout line was already piling up behind you. Suddenly, everything was left in the car or on the coffee table. Say goodbye to this scenario once and for all and use the NFC contactless payment function. Make everyday activities more enjoyable by switching to the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active.

Find out even more about the benefits of Xiaomi's latest smart watch by browsing the product card!

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