Poznaj funkcje wkrętarki Xiaomi

Explore the features of the Xiaomi screwdriver

Wondering how to choose from hundreds of cordless and electric screwdriver models? We have prepared the following guide for just such an occasion! Enjoy the text dedicated to the most important features of the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill. Read on to find out the most important factors to look out for when buying a new tool.


Think about the type of work you will be using the new equipment for. Think about how it worked previously or, if this will be your first screwdriver, pay attention to the aspects we have mentioned. Depending on the intensity of use, frequency of use and the type of substrate you will be drilling in, a different type of tool will be useful. The Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill will work best for repairing everyday faults. It will also be great as a gift for the fresh-faced DIYer. The advantage of this model is undeniably its simplicity. One look at the product is enough to guess how it works. The Xiaomi screwdriver will effortlessly drill into soft as well as hard types of wood, aluminium or plumbing pipes and steel plates. However, it is not suitable for use in concrete.

It doesn't have to be heavy!

Although screwdrivers are usually used on an ad hoc basis, for a few minutes at a time, it is worth opting for a model that will not strain the wrist. Due to its small design and lightweight, our suggestion will work perfectly in this role. If you intend to take the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill with you on the road from time to time, you will be pleased to know that it will arrive in an extremely convenient case. It not only has room for the screwdriver, but also for the entire set of 24 bits made of S2 alloy steel, 8 drill bits and a charger consisting of an adapter and a USB-C cable. All in one place, neatly and conveniently!

Key parameters

Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the power, torque of the drill, as well as the number of operating modes present. In the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill, these values are 12V, 30N*m and 3. Thanks to the built-in, capacious 2000mAh battery, you don't have to worry about sudden interruptions. The Xiaomi drill/driver is up to any challenge on a single charge!

Experience how quickly and easily you can fix backed-up appliances. Feel the joy and satisfaction of DIY by ordering the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill today at Mi-Home.pl. If you're actually putting together your toolbox now, check out this tab and you'll find more products of interest.

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