Najważniejsze funkcje POCO F4 GT

Key features of the POCO F4 GT

Yesterday's premiere could not go unnoticed, and this is probably no surprise to anyone who watched it. If you have not yet been able to follow our live broadcast, we encourage you to do so. Instead, however, you can read the text below, in which we bring you up to date with the most important information about the features available on the POCO F4 GT.

“The smartphone has layers”

During the premiere stream, Michal Pisarski explained in a very accessible way what makes the new POCO F4 GT so special. First and foremost, this is due to a whole set of top-quality solutions. First and foremost, the flagship 4nm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 1 processor and the enormous amount of memory available in the two variants of this model: 8/128GB or 12/256GB. Another advantage is the extremely powerful charger included in the box, which is becoming increasingly rare. With a power cube of as much as 120W and a specially shaped cable, this is quite a treat, which significantly contributes to the POCO's advantage over its numerous competitors. However, this is only the beginning of the list of advantages, and we haven't even had time to mention the purpose of the POCO F4 GT, namely... virtual gaming!

An advantage for every player

The latest representative of the POCO is a smartphone designed with mobile tournaments in mind. This is precisely why the screen is so sensitive to touch and samples it at 480Hz! After all, the success of a mission is not only influenced by the refresh rate, which reaches a dizzying 120Hz here anyway, but also by how quickly you are able to react. On the AMOLED DotDisplay HDR10+ screen, you'll see the finest details to help you get the best experience from every game. When you choose the POCO F4 GT, you not only gain an edge over your opponents, but also more fun in your daily activities. Better picture, sound and greater convenience are values that are good to invest in.

Instant loading

How long does your current smartphone take to fully charge? Even if it is an hour or an hour and a half, the capabilities of the POCO F4 GT will certainly surprise you! The latest representative of POCO is able to get back to full charge in just 17 minutes! This is quite a treat not only for the gamer, but also for anyone who cares about saving time. Such a result would not have been possible were it not for the advanced liquid cooling technology. Thanks to it, the smartphone does not overheat and, at the same time, provides complete safety for the large 4700mAh battery. If your new POCO F4 GT gets drained in the middle of an important game, you can easily finish it off by plugging the phone in to charge. The L-shaped cable design will allow you to continue using your device. No more bending hands and fingers, the age of convenience has arrived!

That's not all!

The numerous advantages of the POCO F4 GT cannot be so easily encapsulated in a single article, so we warmly invite you to visit the product sheet, from which you can learn all about our reliable smartphone.

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