Najważniejsze funkcje Xiaomi Watch S1

Key features of the Xiaomi Watch S1

Got a hankering for a new watch? Or are you looking for an excuse to kick off the season by bolstering your sporting performance? For such occasions, we have prepared the Xiaomi Watch S1 – the perfect smartwatch, meeting all the criteria of a device worth having on your wrist. It is not only a beautiful piece of equipment, which will be your adornment at any party or celebration, but, above all, a powerful tool, rich in modes and functions, building your motivation to push your own limits.

Rubber or leather?

The truth is that with the Xiaomi Watch S1 you don't have to choose at all. You get both wristbands included: the first leather band, ideal for everyday wear and elegant meetings, and the second, made of plastic. The watch's envelope is made of stainless steel, resistant to all adversities. The sapphire glass is the icing on the cake, ensuring that even the toughest workouts will not leave a mark on your Xiaomi Watch S1. Such protection has been applied here for a reason... Beneath the sheet of the aforementioned glass is an expansive 1.43" AMOLED display. The high resolution of 466 × 466 translates into a ppi of 326. What is this? It is nothing more than the pixel density factor per inch of display. Such a value is a guarantee that any news or information about your sporting performance will be displayed in full detail.

He will run and play ball with you

117 - that's exactly how many sports modes you will get at your disposal with the Xiaomi Watch S1! You can be interested in the most diverse physical activities and be guaranteed that your Xiaomi smartwatch will also like and respect them. Do you fancy yoga, a game of tennis or basketball? The Xiaomi watch knows these sports very well and will measure your performance in each of them. If you are fond of water sports and don't want to leave your smart companion for a step, nothing to worry about. The 5ATM water resistance certification means that you can dive with the Xiaomi Watch S1 to depths of up to 50 metres! Thanks to the close cooperation of up to five satellite systems: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS, each of your routes will be accurately measured, nullifying the chances of confusion.

24-hour health surveillance

The Xiaomi Watch S1 is equipped with a range of sensors, taking care of your fitness every day. Measuring your PPG heart rate or testing your blood oxygen levels is not only important during exercise, but also during your daily activities. With the Xiaomi Watch S1 on your wrist, you are assured that it will monitor your health 24 hours a day. Sleep is health, right? If you don't believe it, you'll find out with the Xiaomi Watch S1. Improved from the Mi Watch, the sleep measurement accuracy by 35% will ensure that every nap, even the shortest one, is registered in the app. This way, you can later conveniently compare the results of individual sessions and discover what are the best hours of rest for your body.

News at hand

Pairing the Xiaomi Watch S1 with your smartphone will give you convenient access to notifications and calls that you can make directly from the watch. Feel like an agent of famous spy movies to make a secret phone call to your other half while shopping, asking for a reminder of which cheese you should have chosen. Such extensive features can be exhausting, but no worries, the Xiaomi Watch S1 is as vibrant as it is smart. 470mAh in such a small device results in up to 24 days of operation in power-saving mode. If you train regularly, read messages on the smartwatch screen and like to use multiple functions at once, this time will be around 12 days. You also get a wireless charging station included, which instantly fills the watch with energy as soon as you place it on it.

Intelligence, class, style - reach for the device that fits you perfectly. Choose the Xiaomi Watch S1 now!

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