Nowa opaska Xiaomi Smart Band 7!

The new Xiaomi Smart Band 7!

What is important to you?

Tempted to buy a new sports wristband? We have good news for you. The day after tomorrow will see the launch of the new Xiaomi Smart Band 7! It is from 15 July that you will buy it cheaper. Find out why you should bet on this very gadget by reading today's post.

Take care of your health and sleep

You have probably felt tired many times in the morning due to a sleepless night. Sometimes, a seemingly good night's sleep doesn't fully restore you either. Get to know your nightly rhythm better by using the sleep quality monitoring mode and gain a better insight into the quality of your necessary rest.

New ways to express yourself

Customisation of the 1.62-inch screen becomes even easier with the Xiaomi Band 7 and gives you more options! More than a hundred versions of the system background and new band colours will add even more fun when using our novelty. Make Xiaomi Smart Band 7 for yourself, your mum, dad or child by creating a unique version of the product for each of them!

Precise evaluation of each training session

Do you spend most of your day at the computer? Or do you lead a very active lifestyle? With the Xiaomi armband, measure your calorie burn, SpO₂ or monitor your heart rate at a glance. Choose what sport you are currently playing to get the most precise activity measurement. Hockey, golf or maybe tug-of-war? Find your favourite sport among the more than 110 options available.

Don't let the elements defeat you!

You don't give up easily and training despite bad weather, rain and lightning doesn't scare you? This is perfect! You won't be disappointed to learn that the Xiaomi Band 7 has a 5ATM waterproof certification. Swim, run and dance in the rain whenever the mood takes you.

When will you save?

The promotion starts at midnight on 15 July. Buy a Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and spend the amount you save on another product of interest from the range. Want to find out about the best deals on a regular basis? Sign up for our newsletter and you won't miss a thing!

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