Sportowe funkcje Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Sports features of Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Xiaomi's smartbands have been supporting our sporting motivation and making everyday life more pleasant with their numerous features for many years. The latest iteration of the smartband from Xiaomi raises the bar in terms of quality and the amount of technology that has managed to fit into such a compact housing. In this article, we will not only present the eponymous sporty features of the new wristband, but we will also examine the build quality, the simplicity with which it connects to the smartphone and the mass of options that are useful not so much during a workout, but above all on a day-to-day basis. Put on the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and let's go!

Likes to go for a jog

With you, of course! Just put it on your wrist and the motivation will fill your whole body and add 10 points to your speed as you break running records. The wristband's built-in training options will not only monitor the quality of the workout itself, but will also check whether you're overexerting yourself during the workout and whether you're allocating enough recovery time. It's amazing, but the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 will work perfectly for more than 110 types of activity! Instead of a bike tour or an obstacle run, do you prefer spinning a hula hoop or flying kites? Rest assured, the Xiaomi smartband can handle such tasks too. The armband is also fond of water sports, allowing you to swim freely in a pool or lake without worrying about damaging it. Keep in mind, however, that even devices with a waterproof rating as high as 5ATM are not fond of hot showers, so do it a favour and don't take it to the bathroom with you and it will repay you with reliable performance for years to come!

Likes to look good

Even larger than its predecessors, the 1.62" screen guarantees maximum readability and convenience when checking information or selecting sports modes. The AMOLED technology provides vivid and contrasting colours, but it also has a very important function from the watch's point of view - Always on Display. This is nothing more than the ability to display the watch face uninterrupted, without having to wake it up. Worried that such a procedure will negatively affect battery life? Not at all! The aforementioned AMOLED matrix means that all the pixels in the black areas of the screen will remain inactive, reserving power reserves for your next workout - for up to 14 days without charging! The gorgeous-looking display of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 can be spiced up even further by choosing from over a hundred predefined dials. Do you value minimalism and the only thing you want to see on the screen is the date and time? Or do you want to be able to access all your information on the home screen, without having to snoop around in the settings? Install the Mi Fitness app (Xiaomi Wear) on your smartphone and choose a wallpaper in your style!

He likes to take care of you

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is a personal caregiver that won't leave your side. Throughout the day, it will check your heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen concentration (SpO₂) or oxygen ceiling VO₂ max. What is this? It's nothing more than an indicator of your body's ability to absorb oxygen. The higher it is, the better you will cope with prolonged and exhausting workouts. By exercising regularly with your Xiaomi armband, you will make your fitness increase and the results of the progress of each session will be available on your phone app. After a busy day, your wristband doesn't think twice about going to sleep! As you drift off to a sound sleep, it will accurately measure the various phases of sleep, including the most desirable, dream-filled REM phase. It is during this phase that the body best rests and recovers in order to enter the next day with the greatest possible impetus. Improving the quality of sleep also means improving your performance for the next day full of activities! However, life writes different scenarios and sleep can happen not only at night... Even when you are suddenly attacked by an afternoon nap, Xiaomi Smart Band 7 will check its quality and immediately record the most relevant observations.

Did you like the latest Xiaomi Smart Band 7? Click here and get yourself a personal trainer and caregiver in one to watch over you 24/7, every day!

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