Nowy elektryczny śrubokręt Xiaomi

Xiaomi's new electric screwdriver

Good times are coming for amateur repairers! The Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill, discussed recently, will not be making an appearance on the showrooms alone! Its close companion the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver has, to the delight of every handyman, lived to see its place on our blog. This means that it may soon go on sale... For now, however, we are unable to promise anything but a preview of this unique novelty. Stay tuned for more details on the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver project!

Looks familiar...

Are you sure this is new? After all, it looks very familiar... Well, yes, this product is confusingly reminiscent of the Mi 24-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Kit, but it has completely different features. The upcoming kit may appeal to more than just DIY electricians and electricians whose work is all about speed and precision. It is a piece of equipment ideal for anyone who likes to help themselves. This is because the announced Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver is an electric screwdriver. It will allow you to make accurate and fine repairs at lightning speed. This novelty has up to two speed levels and the ability to screw in more than 400 parts on a single charge. After hearing these words, it is tempting to immediately get yourself such a set... Unfortunately, for the time being, you can only subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you don't miss the product launch.

24 reasons to expect

As with the advent calendar, here are 24 surprises worth looking forward to. It is, of course, a set of multi-purpose bits of all kinds, which will come in handy more than once for home and business repairs. All the components of the electric screwdriver in question are made of high-quality metal, which ensures that they are highly durable.

Magnetic storage

We also found a way to keep everything neat and tidy. The answer turned out to be simple and as you can guess, it was magnets! Each part that makes up the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver kit is magnetised so that it can be easily connected to the electric screwdriver. Equally thoughtful is the design of the case itself, which houses the product. The whole thing snaps into place with a satisfying click, which can become a source of amusement during a DIY break. A light push on the case is all it takes for the drawer containing the contents to slide out. Unsurprisingly, the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver has received winning places in numerous competitions. The design has been recognised in iF, Red Dot, Japan Good Design, IDEA and Chicago Good Design awards design competitions.

Attention to detail

It is said that tools are the sign of a specialist. When dealing with something on a daily basis, it really is worth investing in the best quality accessories, as they will not only make the job easier, but also more enjoyable. This is why the Xiaomi Electric Precision Screwdriver should become a regular in every workshop. The instrument is very instinctive to use and sits securely in the hand, thanks to the non-slip recesses. With one click, the direction of the screwdriver can be changed and the two speed levels are equally easy to adjust. The whole thing adds up to a product that we ourselves are looking forward to. We think that, along with the rest of the bloga's readers, you are too... So remember to sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with Xiaomi news!

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