Zapowiedź nowej wkrętarki Xiaomi!

The announcement of Xiaomi's new screwdriver!

Can we call December the month of news? Judging by the upcoming launches, we think so. See what is about to hit our virtual shop shelves! This time we have prepared something for DIY enthusiasts...


Often, pre-Christmas preparations involve weeks of planning, decorating and the logistics of transporting drippings to the other end of town or Poland. And sometimes Christmas time is combined with... renovations. When the grandchildren are due to arrive on Christmas Eve, it is necessary to mobilise all forces to secure all dangerous objects against them. Once the sticky stops are in place, it is common for householders to undertake major repairs. A chair that has been wobbling for years needs a five-minute restoration, a creaky door needs oiling and a protruding shelf needs screwing on. This is when the new innovation announced today could come into action: Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill!

What does the highly anticipated product bring?

DIY in order is an elusive dream for many. Numerous handymen around the world can't get to grips with boxes, crates and unorganised repairs lying everywhere. The Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill, announced today, promises a better organised workspace. You only have to look to see this... All the bits included in the kit are neatly packaged in a small case, as are all the extra drills. Each piece thus has its own place and will not get lost in the toolbox. The Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill can be neatly folded away by detaching the cable from the charging cube as you would for a phone charger.

You will see everything you do more clearly....

The very simple and easy-to-read design of the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill's display will allow you to better control the action you are performing. The dial located around, or 30-step gear adjustment, is used to adjust the appropriate mode for the action you are performing. You can screw, drill and twist at your chosen speed. The circular monitor also displays information about the battery status and the mode in use. This is where you determine the next activity.

Accessories, or what makes a complete whole?

We didn't stop at just the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill! Included with the main unit, you'll also find a charger (cube + USB type C cable), a set of 24 bits and a basic 4 sizes of drill bits for metal and 4 for wood. The whole thing, i.e. the metal bit box and the Xiaomi 12V Max Brushless Cordless Drill will arrive to you in a waterproof case with a simple and compact design for easy storage and packing process.

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