Premiera Xiaomi 12 Lite na!

Xiaomi 12 Lite premiered on!

The new representative of the Xiaomi 12 smartphone family has just scored its debut in our shop! Xiaomi 12 Lite is a modern design, a fast processor and a whole range of functions that will find their use in everyday work as well as during relaxation. Are you in the mood for more? Read on!

Premium at a fraction of the price

Anyone who has held a flagship smartphone in their hand at least once is well aware of the feeling of luxury that accompanies premium models. The Xiaomi 12 Lite aims to deliver the aforementioned 'feel' and combine it with a second, equally important element - economy. When you choose the Xiaomi 12 Lite, you get a package of top-notch components that are just waiting to prove themselves during numerous tasks. The premium quality isn't just down to the super-fast Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 778G processor and 6GB of blazing-fast RAM. It is also not only due to the high responsiveness of the beautiful AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 6.55" and a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz. It is also thanks to the perfectly crafted casing, whose finish and unusual shades delight the eye from the moment the phone is taken out of the box.

Quality that lasts

The ultra-high screen refresh rate (120 Hz) mentioned earlier will not have a negative impact on battery life. AdaptiveSync technology is designed to switch seamlessly to a lower frequency mode (60 Hz) when you are not touching the smartphone's display. This takes care of the battery, ensuring that the phone's built-in 4,300mAh cell will last for several days without the need for a charger. However, this is not the end of the battery performance improvements. The power-saving-optimised MIUI system, version 13, intelligently manages the phone's resources, maximising its efficiency. The smartphone's charging time itself has been reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the included 67W super-fast charger. Such power will allow the device to recover in just over half an hour!

He has a good eye

A smartphone with such flagship components must also shine with an amazing camera set-up. The main lens has a whopping 108 megapixels, which you can easily feel with every photo you 'shoot' with it. With the Xiaomi 12 Lite you will take beautiful photos both during the day and at night. The state-of-the-art sensor and f/1.9 aperture guarantee contrasting and noise-free shots in situations where even the slightest lack of light would give the smartphone a hard time. The excellent night photography performance can be further enhanced by using the dedicated night mode. This is what balances the exposure of photos taken after dark and tries to bring out even more from them. The second camera in the line-up is capable of capturing extremely wide scenery thanks to a viewing angle of up to 120°. This is ideal when you want to enclose as many beautiful sights as possible in a single frame when travelling. The third lens (macro) allows you to take detailed and equally spectacular shots of the smallest objects. Try out the Xiaomi 12 Lite and see everyday objects from a completely unusual perspective!

The promotion is ongoing

Did you like the latest phone from Xiaomi? This is a great opportunity to grab it at an even lower price to boot! Click here and order your copy of the Xiaomi 12 Lite for as much as 200 zł cheaper and earn double Mi Coins points in the process!

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