Nowa suszarka Xiaomi już dostępna!

Xiaomi's new hair dryer now available!

Do you like your hair? Look after it! Don't like it? Make you love it again! Just equip yourself with the latest Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 smart dryer and your hair will regain its former shine! Why smart? Let's find out!

It's so dry it's frightening

The massive 1600W power delivers a super-efficient airflow of 20 m/s, which translates into instant drying of even the thickest hair. What if you're worried about such great drying power? Don't panic, the aforementioned intelligence of the dryer manifests itself here through clever temperature control. Regardless of the ambient temperature and the length of the drying session, the air coming out of the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 will never exceed 57℃ when the constant temperature mode is selected. This is a completely hair-safe value, ensuring maximum drying performance while guaranteeing the safety of your hair. This Xiaomi dryer dries not only efficiently, but also intelligently!

Intelligent design

The thoughtful design of the dryer has kept the casing to an absolute minimum. The body itself is just 9.5 cm long, which makes manoeuvring it child's play. What's more, the entire dryer weighs less than half a kilo, so you can dry your hair without worrying about overloading your hand.

Check out these ions

50 million negative ions is a lot... But what do they actually do? Contrary to the unfavourable name, negative in this case means beneficial to health. Lots of negative ions equals no frizz or static. As if that wasn't enough, the ions gently brush against your hair's cuticle, ensuring gentle and healthy drying every day!

Quietly, quickly, intelligently

With the Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300, you have complete control over what happens to your hair. Xiaomi's latest hair dryer will make sure you dry, revive, and give shine to every single hair. The clever design of the housing ensures that your grip is secure, drying is instant and quiet, and the joy of having healthy hair is indescribable!

Order and dry to your heart's content!

If you decide to buy the latest hairdryer from Xiaomi, you can be sure that your friends will ask at every turn about your hairstyle. And you can proudly reply: it's not me, it's my Xiaomi hair dryer! Order the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 now and guarantee the best for you and your hair!

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