Najnowszy monitor gamingowy Xiaomi

Xiaomi's latest gaming monitor

The October launch of Xiaomi's products reverberated. And although it took place a while ago, it is still impossible to forget what was happening during this special evening. All thanks to the long-awaited Xiaomi 11T series of smartphones, which stole the premiere show. However, something else happened that day. The already quite large Xiaomi family, expanded by several new members. Although they played a supporting role at the time, the value they bring to the Polish technology market with their debut is at least noteworthy. We are talking, among others, about the latest gaming monitor - the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27", which we will take under the microscope today. Why is it a piece of equipment worthy of interest and will it also find its use outside the gaming world? More on that in a moment.

Something gamers love most

The image, and more specifically its quality, is something that plays a significant role in the gaming environment. Long hours of games played right in front of our eyes should be rich in detail and with a high refresh rate of the screen. This will allow for the quick reaction time that is so important in games, reduce the number of mistakes made and, as a result, stay one step ahead of the opponent. Whatever, but a set of these features cannot be denied to Xiaomi's latest gaming monitor. With them, the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" can aspire to be the dream come true of any seasoned gamer. A resolution of 2560x1440, a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a wide colour gamut (95% DCI-P3) are just a few of the parameters to confirm this bold claim. The QHD 2K display is a guarantee of crystal clarity, which, combined with Xiaomi's 27-inch monitor screen, makes for an unbeatable duo. From now on, the slightest movement of your opponent will be even clearer and your actions will be characterised by even greater precision. Smoother and more stable gameplay has never been so close. Achieve mastery with the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor!

Something graphic designers love most

Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" is, contrary to what the name might suggest - a great alternative not only for gamers, but also for keen graphic designers or broadly defined creators of multimedia content. The Xiaomi gaming monitor, in addition to 95% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut mentioned above, is also characterised by 100% coverage of the sRGB gamut, which is of considerable importance for those creating visual content. The Xiaomi Mi 2K Gaming Monitor supports as many as 16.7 million colours, which, combined with the ultra-wide (178') IPS screen and thin bezels, creates a set unrivalled. In the context of long hours spent in front of the screen creating more or less time-consuming projects, the comfort of our eyes cannot be forgotten. The Xiaomi monitor has also risen to this challenge with excellence. This is because it boasts a TUV certificate, the presence of which should satisfy all so-called "night owls". It certifies low levels of blue light, which is harmful to our eyes, especially at night.

Something everyone loves the most

The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor is undoubtedly a piece of equipment that will find its use in any home environment. You don't need to perform complex activities with it to appreciate the quality it brings. Have we managed to convince you enough to find extra space on your desk for it?

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