Nadchodzi nowy sensor Xiaomi

Xiaomi's new sensor is coming

Are you tired of thinking that a door has been left unlocked or a child has opened the staircase security gate? It's hard to keep track of everything in the daily rush. Give your head a rest and read about Xiaomi's new solution. Welcome to the announcement of a small device that will make a big difference in your home, restoring your peace of mind. Discover ways to ensure privacy and security for yourself and the whole family.

What is this wonder and how does it work?

Mi Door and Window Sensor 2 is a set of two sensors. When they are connected, they are an integral part of each other. When they are disconnected, they send a notification to you via a Bluetooth gateway. You can use them for whatever you want, and it all depends on where you mount them. The choice is huge and the applications are millions. You can start by securing your home or your child's room. Equally, the Xiaomi sensor will work well for keeping an eye on the fridge so that it stays closed on hot days.

If we are talking about the fridge...

As we mentioned above, the Mi Door and Window Sensor 2 will also find its place in the kitchen. Placing the sensor on the fridge will make you better able to control whether it is properly closed. It is opened very often, especially when there is a large group of people living in the house. So that you don't get distracted during each of your tenants' snack walks, set the alerts to only appear when the fridge door has been left open for a certain amount of time. This will prevent your phone from vibrating like crazy and keep you focused. Only intervene when the sensor registers an extended door open time. With Mi Door and Window Sensor 2, you'll protect yourself from spoiled products and a defrosted freezer.

Clever ideas, the best surprises

By placing the Mi Door and Window Sensor 2 on your front door, you get many useful options. Knowing that a jeweller is entering the house, you are able to tell guests to prepare for the surprise. You can warn your wife or husband by coming out of the study to say hello. The same goes for security; if everyone is already in their rooms at night, an alert will mean a break-in, or that one member of the household has slipped out. Make sure your home is safe and prevent dangerous situations.

Additional environmental control

The Xiaomi sensor works on more than one level. It not only sends alerts when items are disconnected. The built-in Bluetooth gateway allows it to connect with other devices. The light sensor present in the Mi Door and Window Sensor 2 can monitor the brightness level of the room and turn on the light when it gets too dark. Now some of the activities will be automated and as a result, you will find more time for yourself.

How do you like this gadget? After reading the article, do you already see a use for it with your eyes? Feel confident and invest in a safe home together with Xiaomi!

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