Monitor Xiaomi na każde biurko

A Xiaomi monitor for every desk

Since you're here, you're probably just about to change your monitor for a newer model. That's why we invite you to get to know our hardware even better. Check out the features of the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27" and see if it's the perfect choice for you.

A broader perspective

The IPS matrix used in the Xiaomi monitor gives you plenty of options. Just take a glance at the flawless screen with a 178° wide viewing angle. From now on, every person, regardless of where they are watching the screening from, will experience the same level of detail. Start watching movies in the knowledge that every viewer will have access to equally good picture quality.

Take care of your eyes

Before buying a new monitor, make sure that, like the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27", it is TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified. Such information assures you that the screen emits less blue light, which is harmful to your eyes. This is important, especially if you work at your computer for many hours during the day.


This 27" monitor is surrounded only by narrow bezels that do not interfere with perception. The Mi Desktop Monitor 27" is suitable for use in smaller and larger spaces. Whether on a small desk or a powerful tabletop, it will perform perfectly. You can multiply the visual experience by using two Xiaomi monitors. This will give you a fully immersive effect, allowing you to better focus on what you are currently doing.

Tailored for everyone

Sitting at your desk, you can easily adjust the monitor to suit you. By simply tilting it slightly, it changes the angle at which it is positioned. This allows the whole family to use it - both the lowest and highest members of the family will see the image clearly. When using the Mi Desktop Monitor 27" you have access to 4 ports:
• port HDMI 1.4
• port VGA
• port Audio
• DC IN power supply port

Extra compact!

27 inches is the optimum display size, which will work well in many cases. The screen is neither too small nor too bulky. At its narrowest point, the Xiaomi Mi Desktop Monitor 27" is only 7.5 mm. These dimensions contribute to the fact that the monitor is so lightweight. You will mount it without the need for assistance, as it weighs just 4.3 kg.

Pay attention to nuances

Let yourself see every detail in great quality. Don't squint and enjoy the high resolution of Full HD 1080p. The wide 100% sRGB colour gamut will give you fantastic colour reproduction. Get ready to work with a better image and take Mi Desktop Monitor 27" to your home or office.

Start your adventure with Xiaomi!

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