Mi Smart Band 5 - Aktywny przełom

Mi Smart Band 5 - Active breakthrough

evices from the Mi Smart Band series have been constantly gaining popularity, reaching an increasing group of technology fans. They owe their good reputation to constantly developed functions that are useful in the everyday life of every active person. Already from the first edition of the band, these devices were distinguished by an extremely good price-performance ratio and quality of workmanship. Let's take a look at what the latest generation of smart bands will surprise us with this time.

Good first impression

Right from the start, Mi Smart Band 5 proudly presents an enlarged 1.1-inch AMOLED display with a higher resolution of 126 × 294 px compared to its predecessor. This combination allows for better visibility of the band while practicing any sports and noticeably improves the aesthetics of the device. A larger work area also allows for easier reading of notifications and more convenient operation. Mi Smart Band 5 is the perfect case where practicality meets elegance to create a combination that is perfect for any occasion.


For the sake of your health

Mi Smart Band 5 also brings improvements in monitoring our health. The improved PPG biosensor allows for an increase in the accuracy of heart rate measurements during various activities by up to 50%. 24-hour sleep analysis will accurately measure the quality of your sleep and naps, actively monitoring individual sleep phases, including the REM phase, which is particularly important for the proper rest of our body. Mi Smart Band 5 takes care of you at every step, so you will notice every change in your body and have time to react appropriately.


With the fair sex in mind

A novelty of the fifth generation of Mi Smart Band is the menstrual cycle monitoring mode. The smart band records the phases of the menstrual cycle and the phases of ovulation, which it then processes, thanks to which it will be able to send useful notifications to your smartphone in advance. All extensive data about the menstrual cycle will be available from the Mi Fit application.


Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5


  • 1.1" AMOLED touch screen
    Resolution 126 × 294 px
  • Compatibility:
    Android 5.0 and higher / iOS 10 and higher
  • Communication:
    Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
  • Battery life / Charging time:
    up to 14 days (20 days saving mode) / up to 2 h
  • Waterproof class:
    5ATM (up to 50 m)


More activity

The device offers as many as 11 individual activity modes, so everyone could practice their favorite sport with Mi Smart Band 5! The full list of professional sports modes includes: Rowing, Elliptical Training, Yoga, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Indoor Cycling, Jump Rope, Treadmill, Speed ​​Walking and Freestyle. Choose your favorite sport and Mi Smart Band 5 will keep up with you! Detailed data from completed training sessions are saved in the Mi Fit application, so you can easily compare activity history and plan subsequent training sessions.


Well-thought-out design

Mi Smart Band 5, as always in the series, offers a durable casing that can withstand even the toughest workouts! Scratch-resistant glass on the front guarantees the full aesthetics of the band even after a long time of use. There is a 125 mAh battery under the durable casing, allowing for intensive use of the band for 14 days. When using battery saver mode, this time is extended up to 20 days! Convenient magnetic charging allows you to fully charge the band in just 2 hours!


Improved functionality

Mi Smart Band 5 makes everyday life easier by offering a lot of useful functions. From the band, you can control smartphone options such as unlocking the screen, muting, activating do not disturb mode, or even remote operation of the smartphone's camera! You'll also be up to date with notifications and incoming calls, so you'll never miss an event. Mi Smart Band 5 has also undergone an evolution in the field of battery charging. The device's magnetic pins will automatically attract to the charger, providing a secure grip and comfort, without the need to physically connect it to the charger.


A step in the right direction

Mi Smart Band 5 is everything that fans loved its predecessor for, but improved and enriched with even more useful functions. Don't hesitate, get a personal health monitor and ensure the proper functioning of your body not only during the day, but also during sleep! Click the banner below and immerse yourself in an addictive lifestyle filled with your favorite physical activities!

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