Zapowiedź Xiaomi Watch S1

Xiaomi Watch S1 announcement

Tired of walking around in tracksuits and workout shirts? Sporty Mi Bands are no longer compatible with your style? Want to switch to a more classic look and stay in control of your health even during business meetings? Then it's time for a new sports watch! It's a good thing, because a solution is waiting around the corner! Tomorrow, on 31 March, we will introduce you to a new and improved smart watch. The Xiaomi Watch S1 will become synonymous with performance, style and versatility. Do you want to find out why? We're already rushing to answer!

Beautiful, comfortable

We disagree with the statement that beauty requires sacrifices. You don't have to undergo agonies to look good. All you need to do is shower and wear a stylish watch, such as our premiere Xiaomi Watch S1 (of course, clothes would do too...). Fortunately, all you have to do is throw on something neat and the outfit completes itself. You could say it's a kind of extra premium feature of the Xiaomi Watch S1. The watch has so much class that it adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit combination. What can be said about its other functions, when even the unofficial ones perform so exemplarily?

Without a stitch

No 'hook' will be found on the Xiaomi Watch S1. However, we have found that it will soon become a lure for technology enthusiasts. Contributing to this will be the comprehensive measurements of health indicators and the advanced top-of-the-range GPS module, which, combined with the flawless workmanship, form a perfect whole. As the watch is very elegant, it will even examine your stress levels during an important conference and help lower them with breathing exercises. You will also monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, all the while keeping in mind what is most important - your health.

It will work for any training session!

Do you do strength training, or do you prefer yoga? You have up to 117 fitness modes to meticulously help you track your progress. You can get more accurate measurements and better record your way towards your goals. Be sure you don't miss a thing when you're squeezing in a workout at the gym, as information about incoming calls will appear on the Xiaomi Watch S1 screen. Talk through the watch using the built-in Bluetooth module without abandoning the activity you are doing at the moment. Combine the pleasant with the useful and talk to your loved ones whenever you want.

You will see what is important, under all conditions

The smart watch presented today not only fits perfectly into any style, works well in measuring a variety of workouts and takes care of your health. It also gives you constant access to all your data in real time. You will see what is happening to your body in real time on your wrist, or more precisely on the 1.43" AMOLED screen. A resolution of 326ppi and a high refresh rate of 60Hz will give you a clear reading of all the information you are interested in. The superb display is protected by synthetic sapphire glass of the highest grade, further extending the life of the watch.

Would you like to host such an agent on your wrist? Wait until tomorrow and buy it for yourself or someone close to you! We invite you to the premiere on!

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