Wi-Fi 6 w Twoim domu

Wi-Fi 6 in your home

A mesh system is a modern solution for covering and connecting multiple rooms with a strong wireless signal. Do you have blind spots in your home where you always have difficulty establishing a connection? If so, you would need to equip yourself with an effective option to combat annoying delays. The Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 could become such a weapon. But what distinguishes a mesh system from signal amplifiers, commonly known as extenders? First of all, convenience and efficiency! Each individual Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 tower serves as a router and signal booster in one! As you expand your Xiaomi mesh network, simply deploy more towers around your home without fear of problematic setup. You can use mesh devices alone or combine them with Mi Router AX9000 routers. So if you want to conveniently cover multiple rooms with a wireless network, Xiaomi's solution will be the perfect choice for you. Stay with naMi and find out more!

Join a Wi-Fi network 6

When you equip yourself with the Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000, you get access to the latest Wi-Fi 6 network, offering fast transfers and near-zero latency. The biggest revolution has touched the maximum network bandwidth, which in the case of the Mesh System AX3000 is as high as 2.976Mbps and the ability to connect up to 254 devices! What does this mean in practice? Lightning-fast game downloads, super-fast streaming of your favourite movie productions and much, much more! Wi-Fi 6 is simply the fastest and most reliable version of our beloved network protocol, and it could be available to you right now.

The terror of the walls

Walls have a way of blocking wireless signals at their leisure. In the past, routers went to great lengths to provide an even signal throughout the flat, but unfortunately, it was precisely these malicious obstacles that got in the way... By equipping yourself with a modern router or a Xiaomi mesh system, you get a very important tool to combat the range terror - Beamforming. What is this? It's an advanced beamforming technique that allows you to penetrate even the thickest walls and deliver an uninterrupted connection to every corner of your home. The Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 is the ultimate weapon to combat poor coverage!

Network under control

The Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 also offers security dictated by the latest solutions and convenient control from within the app. The state-of-the-art WPA3 protocol will guarantee reliable data encryption and the assurance that no unauthorised person will get their sticky paws on it. The Mesh System AX3000 also gives you access to the future-proof IPv6 option, which will be right in front of you as soon as you unpack your brand-new mesh system. By pairing the Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 with a smartphone, you'll get real-time viewing and control of what's happening on your network - Just install the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app and you're good to go!

Are you joining a mesh network?

Opt for maximum transfer and choose an advanced mesh system from Xiaomi! You'll get the best results by connecting multiple devices together, which is why we suggest buying a set of two Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (2-Pack). If you have a small flat or want to add another brick to your mesh network expansion, you can bet on a single Xiaomi Mesh System AX3000 (1-Pack) module. Choose your desired option and join the world of lightning-fast transfers together with Xiaomi!

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