Porównanie wiatraków Xiaomi – sprawdź najlepsze modele

Xiaomi fan comparison - check out the best models

Calendar summer set in more than a fortnight ago, significantly increasing the digits on our Xiaomi temperature sensors. How can we best protect ourselves from the heat, especially if we spend most of our time working remotely? With help comes Xiaomi fans and fans, ready to cool down the atmosphere in your home. Not sure which Xiaomi fan model to opt for? We are here to help!

Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite (1C)

The innovative Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite (1C) is a true simulation of natural wind in your home. This smart fan offers precise speed control and a low noise level (maximum 63 dBA), making it ideal during Home Office, but also when falling asleep. The remote control function via the Mi Home app on your phone makes it the perfect choice for any Smart Home. Its minimalist design fits perfectly into any interior, and the cooling performance guaranteed by 7 large blades and 38W of power makes it a must-have for hot summers. Discover the benefits of the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite (1C) for perfect comfort in any home today!

Mi Smart Standing Fan 2

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is a state-of-the-art device that stands out in the market thanks to its energy efficiency, personalisation ability and smart technology. Part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, this standing fan offers convenient control via the Mi Home app, allowing you to adjust the speed and direction of the fan (140 degrees), reflecting your preferences. In addition, the Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 stands out for its extremely quiet operation (maximum 58 dBA), making it ideal for use in the office or bedroom. The design of this Xiaomi fan is minimalist and elegant, making it fit in with a variety of interior styles. The Mi Smart Standing Fan 2 is the perfect solution for those who value comfort, efficiency and smart technology in their home.

Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro is a true masterpiece in the field of smart cooling. Its advanced features, such as precise speed control, programmable settings and remote control via the Mi Home app, make it the perfect addition to your Smart Home. The Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro not only provides quiet cooling, but also offers an air filter, making it ideal for those who value a healthy home environment. With voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, this fan allows you to maintain the perfect room temperature, regardless of the heat outside. Its sleek, minimalist design fits seamlessly into any interior, and the high-quality materials of construction guarantee longevity. Experience effective cooling and comfort with the Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro, your ally on hot days.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

Discover the exceptional power and smart features of the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro. Popular on the global market, this innovative floor fan stands out for its 24W performance and energy efficiency. Equipped with a brushless motor, it offers quiet (maximum 58 dBA) and efficient cooling, making it the perfect companion for warm days. The control function via the phone app and compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allow easy operation according to your preferences. The Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro also has a 140-degree oscillation function, providing a wide cooling range. With all this, the design is sleek and minimalist, allowing it to blend perfectly into any interior.

Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan

The last fan in our list is distinguished by its columnar design, using turbines for maximum cooling of your Smart Home. Immerse yourself in the exceptional performance and elegance offered by the Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan. This stylish and smart floor fan delivers superior performance while saving energy with its efficient 22W motor. It is quiet (maximum 63 dBA), ensuring comfortable use even at night. Its useful 140-degree oscillation function allows air to be dispersed evenly throughout the room. The Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan is also synonymous with convenience - thanks to its control via a smartphone app and compatibility with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can tailor its operation to your needs. The attractive, minimalist design ensures that the fan will remain unnoticed without spoiling the composition of your interior. The Xiaomi Smart Tower Fan, is a combination of functionality, performance and style – sign up for notification of its availability today!

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