Nowy tablet graficzny Xiaomi w kolorowej wersji!

Xiaomi's new graphic tablet in colour!

In a world where digitalisation touches almost every aspect of our lives, writing and drawing tools are also evolving. The Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5" (Color Edition) is a device that offers a creative and eco-friendly alternative to paper. But is it just a toy or perhaps a tool that will find its place in every home or office? Let's find out!

Colour screen - a new dimension of creativity

What makes the Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5" (Color Edition) stand out from other fountain pens is its colour display. It allows you to create drawings and notes that come to life with a wide colour palette. For children, this is an opportunity to develop their imagination and artistic skills, and for adults to better organise their work and manage their daily tasks clearly. The unit's large size of 214 × 300 mm does not restrict creativity, allowing the creation of large drawings and complex tables.

Intuitive operation and convenience

The Xiaomi tablet is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Its lightweight and compact body means it fits seamlessly into a bag or backpack. Operation is child's play - you can write or draw with the included stylus, or even your finger, and one touch of a button erases the contents of the screen, allowing you to quickly start with a clean card. A special slider on the side of the device allows you to lock the artwork you are currently creating, without fear of accidentally deleting the contents.

Long battery life

One of the biggest advantages of the Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5" (Color Edition) is its low power consumption. A single CR2025 battery lasts for up to a year of use without replacement. In addition, using this graphics tablet is a step towards environmental protection - it reduces the need for paper, resulting in minimised waste.

Educational potential

Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5" (Color Edition) is not only a drawing tool, but also an educational aid. It can be used to teach writing, numeracy or even foreign languages. For students, it is a practical tool for taking notes during lectures or planning projects. The tablet offers different modes for writing and drawing, allowing you to adapt it to your needs. You can also use it as a whiteboard at home or in the office, displaying messages to household members or colleagues.

Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet 13.5" (Color Edition) is a device that combines functionality, creativity and environmental care. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a modern solution for note-taking, drawing or organising work. Its colour display, intuitive operation and attractive price make it a product that deserves your attention. Buy the Xiaomi colour graphics tablet today at!

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