Nowy smartwatch Xiaomi - Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

Xiaomi's new smartwatch - Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is one of the most advanced devices in the field of smartwatches. The smartwatch has been designed for users who appreciate functionality as well as elegant design. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro, and describe its key features and advantages. Enjoy!

A smartwatch for everyone

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is a smart watch packed with features that make everyday life easier. Among other things, the device has a heart rate monitor, GPS, an NFC module for convenient contactless payments and many other useful features. The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is also an attractive design, so it will not only serve as a tool to measure the quality of your workouts, but also as a styling element.

Top quality

The case of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is made of stainless steel, yet it weighs just 48.5g. The watch has a 5 ATM water resistance certification, which means it can be used for swimming and diving at shallow depths of up to 50 metres. On the front, there is a 1.47" round AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 × 480 px. The screen is covered with sapphire glass, which effectively protects against scratches and damage. The large 500 mAh battery allows up to 14 days of use without recharging. Thanks to the included wireless charger, the watch will always be overflowing with energy and ready for your next workout!

Key features of the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro

• Heart rate monitor: the Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro is equipped with a high-precision heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate during physical activity and on a daily basis.
• Navigation: the watch has built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS navigation systems, so you can accurately track the distance covered while running or the route taken on your favourite unicycle.
• NFC module: The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro allows contactless payments, which is ideal for those who value convenience and time.
• Sports functions: The watch allows you to monitor a wide variety of physical activities such as running, swimming, cycling and fitness.
• Draws attention: The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro impresses with an attractive design that allows it to be worn in a variety of situations - whether at work or during physical activity.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro smartwatch is now available in our shop! Order it now and enjoy the powerful functions of a smartwatch in the elegant casing of a traditional watch!

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