Nieuchwytny Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

The elusive Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

What does the Xiaomi Pad 5 make possible? Watching movies, accessing a convenient source of readable information, and being able to read books on a large, bright screen are just the top of the list of advantages. However, typing on such a large screen can be a hassle. If you're switching from a mobile phone to a tablet, you may find that typing goes much slower and letters get confused and tangled. Why tire yourself out when there's a way to do it?

Small addition, big change

You're probably quite adept at typing on a keyboard, whether it's a computer keyboard or one with a smartphone. Clicking on a tablet, however, has a completely different character, due to the unusual size of the device. When holding it and at the same time, for example, sending a message, your hands get tired more quickly because they are not adapted to such a hand spacing. An additional keyboard will solve the problem perfectly. The tablet will gain stability and display the image at a better angle, and you will not strain your joints.

A lightweight tool, ideal for a lecture

The Xiaomi Pad 5 combined with the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard will become the perfect tool for taking notes. Lightweight and practical, you will be able to take your equipment with you anywhere. This way, you will never waste a second of inspiration. Whenever you have another idea in mind, you can grab your tablet and bring the project to life, turning your tablet into a typewriter. You'll start creating page after page of artwork, recipes and notes with enthusiasm and verve.

For mobile

The Xiaomi Pad Keyboard will combine the functions of a keyboard and a case at the same time. It will protect your tablet while travelling, taking away the worry of scratches and damage. With a small, efficient and comfortable device, travel will be more enjoyable and carrying a heavy laptop will no longer be necessary. You can set off to conquer libraries, universities and cities with ease, carrying all your essential files and access to convenient tools.

Instant connection, convenient configuration.

Once the keyboard is available, once unboxed, you will only be seconds away from using it for the first time. Connecting the Xiaomi Pad 5 to the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard is very instinctive, thanks to the built-in magnetic Pogo Pin connector. You literally put the case on and the tablet instantly becomes one with it, allowing you to enjoy working with it.

Is the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard the device for you? If you value convenience, this is a product dedicated to you. We are convinced that it is worth waiting for, but it is still a mystery whether it will appear on the European market.

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