Najnowszy zegarek sportowy Xiaomi

Xiaomi's latest sports watch

The sports watches present in our shop revolve around two 'families'. On one side of the barricade stand the Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite, while on the other is the entire generation of Mi Smart Bands. We are very pleased to announce the creation of a new family, in which its founder and thus the protagonist of today's text, the Redmi Smart Band Pro, will play a key role. Will it match the popularity with which the world-famous and much-loved Mi Smart Band has been met since its inception? Apparently, there is a good chance of that. So let's find out what Xiaomi's latest sports watch has to offer us.

Numerous functions

For a sports armband to encourage purchase, it must have numerous advantages. It faces many expectations, but the most important seems to be durability. A watch of this type is worn almost continuously. It fulfils its functions, both during the day and at night, making the importance of convenience rank quite high here. The Redmi Smart Band Pro is definitely up to the challenge. It wraps perfectly around the wrist without causing the slightest discomfort. In addition, it features water resistance of up to 50 ATM, allowing you to monitor your performance not only on the surface, but also under water. As an incentive, the device has 110 sports modes. This functionality is sure to make your training as precise as possible.


Did you know that just fifteen minutes of walking a day, can reduce the risk of a heart attack? This means it will be easier for you to take care of your health with the Redmi Smart Band Pro. It's also an extremely effective tool on your way to a slim figure. When walking, it's rare to remember to activate the tool to measure calorie burn and kilometres covered. With the latest Xiaomi watch, you won't have to worry about such trifles anymore. Walking mode will activate itself by recognising what you are doing at the moment.


Any intellectual or physical challenge is best approached when fully rested. In this context, we should not forget about sleep, the right quantity and also quality of which can influence our well-being during the day. In order to obtain data on this activity, it is sufficient not to download the Redmi Smart Band Pro while sleeping. You will find the relevant information recorded by the smart watch during it in the dedicated app. You will be able to analyse the record of your results at any time and draw appropriate conclusions.


After a wonderful night's sleep, you can return to a harder workout with redoubled strength. As was the case with walking, before running you don't have to bother switching on the right mode either. Just put on your watch and start running! The appropriate programme will switch on by itself on your new Redmi Smart Band Pro.

Workout, entertain, sleep, repeat!

From running to more forms of physical activity is not far away. There will be so many sports categories on the brand-new Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro that there will be something special for everyone. However, in the whirlwind of excitement and strength training, don't forget about your health and safety. The Redmi Smart Band Pro will keep an eye on you, monitoring your pulse and oxygen levels in your blood 24 hours a day.

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