Muzyka w samochodzie z Xiaomi

Music in the car with Xiaomi

Want to be the Lord or Lady of music in your own car? Check out the Baseus Energy Column - a small in-car accessory that hides a lot of possibilities. It can not only play your favourite music, but also enjoy convenient hands-free calls and even check the health of your car! How? Read on!

Don't like the radio? You'll like Energy Column!

Are you bored by the constantly rollicking radio hits or terrible remixes of your favourite songs? Nothing lost! Plug in the Baseus Energy Column 2-Port Car Charger + FM Transmitter and listen to your favourite music whenever you want. How to do it? Simply find an FM frequency on your car radio where you can't hear the noise, set the identical frequency on the Baseus Energy Column and connect to your smartphone or other device to play your music. From now on, you can listen to anything you want in the car!

Bluetooth 5.0 secure calling

During any car trip, it is important for the driver to be fully focused and concentrated on reaching their destination safely. The Baseus Energy Column FM transmitter will ensure exactly that! With just a single click, the device will switch your phone call to hands-free mode, so you can focus on the road and your conversation at the same time, without fear of losing concentration. Enjoy unhindered conversation with your loved ones and feel as if they are part of your journey.

Charge your phone on the road

What if your smartphone battery is draining fast because you listen to a lot of your favourite music on the road? Or perhaps your navigation is constantly guiding you to your destination, severely draining your smartphone battery? You can replenish them in no time with the Baseus Energy Column 2-Port Car Charger + FM Transmitter! You get two USB connectors at your disposal, so you can charge your smartphone and, for example, a sports armband or Xiaomi powerbank at the same time. No matter what equipment you take with you on the road, with the Energy Column the power will always be with you!

Is your car doing well?

Our today's hero will take care of that too! How? An impressive LED display will tell you in real time what voltage is currently reaching the transmitter. When the car has not been started, you can expect a voltage between 12.2V and 12.8V. Once the vehicle is running, this value should rise to 13.4V - 14.8V, which means that everything is fine. What if the voltage drops below 12V? This is a signal that Dr Baseus Energy Column's diagnosis has been made and you need to take your car to a doctor as soon as possible.

A travel entertainer

This is how the Baseus Energy Column car charger can be described in a nutshell. Do you want to listen to your favourite music, charge your smartphone and enjoy hands-free calls? The Baseus Energy Column 2-Port Car Charger + FM Transmitter is definitely for you!

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