Monitor gamingowy Xiaomi? Sprawdź nasz poradnik zakupowy

Xiaomi gaming monitor? Check out our buying guide

Choosing the perfect gaming monitor is quite a challenge, especially when there are so many options available on the market. If you're thinking about buying a Xiaomi gaming monitor, you're in the perfect place! In this guide, you'll learn what to look out for to ensure your new monitor meets all your expectations. We'll explore the key features of three popular models: Xiaomi Gaming Monitor G27i, Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" and Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30". Let's get started!

Xiaomi Gaming Monitor G27i

One of the more interesting products in Xiaomi's range is the Gaming Monitor G27i model. This device stands out with its 27-inch screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 px. A key feature worth noting is the refresh rate of up to 165 Hz. This will make games smoother and your reactions to your opponents' movements faster and more precise. What's more, the monitor has support for AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which eliminates the effect of image chopping. It's worth noting that this technology will work not only when a newer AMD-branded graphics card is installed in your PC, but also Nvidia. If you care about this feature, it is worth checking the list of compatible GPU models before purchasing the monitor. Thanks to the IPS matrix, the G27i monitor also offers wide 178° viewing angles, ensuring excellent image quality no matter what position you are in. And let's not forget the modern design with thin bezels that will fit perfectly into any interior. If you value good image quality and smooth gameplay, the, Xiaomi Gaming Monitor G27i is definitely worth a look.

Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27"

Another model that deserves attention is the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27". As the name suggests, it offers a high 2K resolution of 2560 × 1440 px, which provides even more detail and sharpness compared to standard Full HD monitors. If you are a fan of immersive games with modern graphics, this model will meet your expectations. Another important aspect here is the refresh rate, which, like the previous model described, is 165 Hz. The Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" also supports Adaptive-Sync technology, which makes gaming free of stuttering and "tearing" of the image. The monitor also supports HDR mode, which significantly improves the visual quality, especially in games with a wide colour gamut and dynamic lighting. This model is a great option for gamers who want the best image quality and smoothness.

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30"

you're looking for something truly unique, the Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30" could be a hit. This model features a large curved screen for a more immersive gaming experience. The curvature of the screen (1800R) makes the image surround you, which is especially beneficial in dynamic action games or racing. The Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30" offers a resolution of 2560 × 1080 px, which, combined with the ultra-panoramic format (21:9), provides a huge working space, ideal not only for gaming but also for work. The refresh rate is an impressive 200 Hz, which is an absolute record among Xiaomi gaming monitors - this is particularly useful for online shooters and other fast-paced esports games. It will also come as no surprise that the device supports AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which further boosts the overall experience of interacting with this monitor.

Which model do you decide on?

Choosing the right gaming monitor depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you're after solid image quality and good smoothness, the Xiaomi Gaming Monitor G27i is worth considering. If, on the other hand, you are looking for higher resolution and HDR support, the Mi 2K Gaming Monitor 27" will be a great choice. For anyone who appreciates immersive experiences and exceptional fluidity in online gaming, the curved Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30" model will be ideal. Whichever you choose, each of these monitors offers superior quality that will make your games look and perform better than ever before. Don't delay and order your dream Xiaomi gaming monitor today at!

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