Price list of maintenance services

Service Price Scope of service

Smartphone / tablet configuration (basic)

Preparation of the equipment for daily use according to customer preferences

  • Connecting and commissioning the equipment
  • Setting basic parameters (language, region, date; user name and passwords on request)
  • Setting additional user preferences
  • Connecting to an existing Google account

Smartphone / tablet configuration (extended)

The scope of the basic configuration. In addition:

  • Setting up a new Google account and a new Xiaomi account
  • Setting up additional email inboxes

Software update / reinstallation
from £1001.
  • Upgrade or reinstallation of the Android operating system
  • Installing additional applications
  • Restoration to factory settings

Copying data
from £501.

Transfer of all data from device to device

  • Possible backup writing to USB memory stick (where possible and device compatibility)
  • Transfer of contacts, SMS messages, photos and videos, music and/or applications
  • Print contacts or save to XLS file
Mounting the screen protector2 £20

Professional installation of film or glass on the device

Restore the device to factory settings / Erase data
  • Restoring the device to factory settings can speed up the system by removing files and applications that slow it down
  • Delete all files and data from the device and restore to factory settings
  • Verification of the correctness of the process

Activity recommended before selling the device (among other things, so that personal data does not fall into the wrong hands)

Pairing devices with a smartphone

We will configure your smartphone with your new smartwatch, wristband or other Bluetooth device

  • Setting up device pairing and installing dedicated software
  • Checking the correctness of the connection

Consultation on device operation and other services1
£100 / 30 min

Individual pricing

1 The final cost of the service is determined by the consultant before the service is performed.
2 The price does not include the cost of the accessory itself. If the customer provides a damaged or poor quality accessory, the advisor may refuse to perform the service or perform it at the responsibility of the customer.

Discount of 50% on all services

Offer applies to products purchased in-store at Xiaomi Store.